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Instagram Plugin


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Instagram private API. Get account information, media, explore tags and user feed inside from Ubotstudio.

Easy to use.


Currently the plugin supports following coverage of the following Instagram APIs:

  •  Login
  •  Logout
  •  Create new account
  •  Get user explore feed
  •  Get user timeline feed
  •  Get all user media by username
  •  Get media by its id
  •  Get user info by its user name
  •  Get current user info
  •  Get tag feed by tag value
  •  Get current user media
  •  Get followers list
  •  Get followers list for currently logged in user
  •  Get following list
  •  Get recent following activity
  •  Get user tags by username
  •  Get direct mailbox
  •  Get recent recipients
  •  Get ranked recipients
  •  Get inbox thread
  •  Get recent activity
  •  Like media
  •  Unlike media
  •  Follow user
  •  Unfollow user
  •  Set account private
  •  Set account public
  •  Send comment
  •  Delete comment
  •  Upload photo
  •  Upload video
  •  Get followings list
  •  Delete media (photo/video)
  •  Upload story (photo)
  •  Change password
  •  Send direct message
  •  Search location
  •  Get location feed
  •  Collection create/get by id/get all/add items


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